about Images from Code...

Because no commercial products did what I wanted, I wrote my own Java graphics package to make these computational, or generative, images. Artistically speaking, this puts me in the camp of the algorists. Algorithmic art allows me to combine my love of art and architecture, my education in physics and general love of science, and my enjoyment of computer programming.

Layering large numbers of simple but similar elements that vary in transparency or other attributes and often have hidden correlations particularly attracts me. I am drawn to the emergence of light and shadow and space from the merely two-dimensional.

I also like using data or numerical sequences as the starting point for work. Click the sequences tag on the image page to view a few of those images. Some of the images are based on the primes, text, DNA sequences, the digits of pi or other transcendental numbers, or just about any other naturally sequential information. I love mixing science and art in this way and I believe it is one way in which these often separate realms can dance with each other. Maybe there are even useful data visualization techniques lurking in such play.

The work on this site is a small slice of the images I have made or am working on. If a particular image or direction interests you, feel free to contact me to discuss other possibilities or images in the same vein. The images can usually be scaled to any size since they are created as vector images. The images on this site are small raster versions of the full images.